.: CellPro Display Upgrade Kit: :.

Kit overview:

Display Closeup:

Please note the display looks much better in person! The background is a darker blue and the characters are whiter.
The hot-spot from the LED backlit is hardly noticeable and there is no fade from left to right.

This is a kit designed for the Do-It-Yourself-er to upgrade the Display in the FMA CellPro to a white text on a dark blue background. Included in the kit:

  • (1) New STN backlit display with White characters on a Blue background.
  • (3) Shortened standoffs for the backlit display.
  • (2) Phoenix-RC.com Recovering Sleeves (extras may be ordered here).
  • A 6" Length of wire to enable the backlight.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual to step the user through the upgrade.

PLEASE NOTE: The current batch of Recovering Sleeves may be partially shrunk, but will still work for this application. I have personally tested the worst of them an have had no ill results.

What others have said about this item:

My God, the kit is FANTASTIC! It's beautiful. This is what FMA should have done rather than complaining about its customers' expectations. Thanks a million!

-D. Matison

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